White Papers

Why Use SMS?

SMS can have a big impact on a company’s ROI when used correctly, especially in comparison to other marketing methods.

How the relationship between SMS can be used to increase app engagement

How do you ensure your target audience finds, downloads and uses your app?

Big Data; Profiling your Customers

The opportunity that big data represents, to ensure brands communicate effectively with their customers.

Mobile Messaging: marketing tool or public nuisance?

A study reviewing the perceived misconceptions surrounding use of SMS marketing.

How mobile can save the high street

A report on the degeneration of the high street in the UK and an assessment on how the mobile channel can rescue it.

SMS for Customer Journeys

The benefits of using mobile messaging to support a customer journey.

The Retail SMS Report 2013

Why aren’t retailers making more efforts to understand customer mobile behaviour?

Mobile Engagement - the Reality Exposed

How are consumers engaging with brands over SMS? Is the reality different to the expectation?

How mobile can improve ROI

A study for digital agencies on the use of SMS as part of multi-channel marketing.

The added benefits of SMS Surveys

An overview of surveying best practices, offering a range of recommendations.

Integration for Enterprise

Why businesses should be integrating SMS into all communications.

The Gaming SMS Report 2013

Dynmark surveyed 15 of the UK's most prominent gaming companies to understand how they are using SMS.

Small Business Guide UK

How and why mobile marketing can work for your small business.

Small Business Guide USA

How and why mobile marketing can work for your small business.

UK Mobile Messaging Compliance

A guide with helpful tips to promote the use of ethical messaging in the UK.

Ethical Mobile Messaging USA

Guides and helpful tips to promote the use of ethical messaging in the US.

Get the most out of Mobile Messaging

With extensive experience of deploying & managing over 1000 campaigns a month, we have gained invaluable insight into SMS best practice.

Get Smart

A review of the mobile market 2011/2012 & beyond. Examining global users, operating systems & mobile business models.

Inside the Message

Independent research & in-depth discussions with agency leaders from GyroHSR, Ogilvy Group and Essence Media.

Time to Deliver

A thorough briefing of the UK mobile messaging marketplace, using the latest available Companies House figures.

Less Talk, More Action

This review outlines the non-voice mobile phone industry, predominantly within the UK.

Sending out an SMS

How can messaging be used in different emergency scenarios across the world.