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With high throughput and low latency, our flexible SMS API can power your app instantly, giving you the worldwide reach you can rely on.

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curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" -user #USER#:#PASSWORD# 
-d '{
"from": "Test", "to": "447979080215", "body": "Hello, this is a test message" "deliverAfter": "2015-10-05T12:57:00.543Z", "clientRef": "124546" }'

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Secure, Scalable & Responsive

Our proven, secure and scalable architecture provides global outbound & inbound options. We always deliver your message. We make it simple, fast & dependable. Come to us with a problem and let us solve it.

Your Service

Your service, your way

Available via our SaaS applications for two-way chat, enterprise campaigns or simple SMS sends; as well as our flexible API via a REST, SOAP or HTTP interface.

  • Built in support for Unicodes and non-GSM and long messages
  • Rely on tier 1 routes for rich delivery tracking and reporting
  • Industry leading platform throughput at 8,000 messages per second
Free inbound SMS

Free Inbound SMS

Receive SMS free at any time, and take advantage of a global list of local dedicated or shared numbers available to you.

  • Inbound responses to you are automatically directed to your account
  • Message receipts & status updates recorded and archived
  • Forward all inbound content to your own systems for reporting & management
Secure & Reliable

Secure & Reliable

Expect reliability, with 99.95% uptime on all our services; you can trust us to always deliver your SMS.

  • Achieve maximum delivery rates
  • All connections secured on HTTPS with 2048 bit TLS encryption
  • All message transactions archived for a minimum of 13 months


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House of Fraser
Collect+ deliver parcels to a network of over 5,800 local stores in the UK and rely on Dynmark's flexible APIs to send real time SMS to customers with collection details.
House of Fraser
House of Fraser use Dynmark's APIs to notify customers with an SMS when their Buy & Collect order is ready for collection; the solution helps support their growing online business while driving additional instore footfall.
House of Fraser
Groupcall rely on Dynmark's SMS to deliver critical communication to over 17,000 schools and 65 education authorities when really needed; such as school closures and child attendance.

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