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Products & Services

The architecture of our cloud platform allows us to divide up our offering into a three cloud structure, delivering our products and services in a consumable form. All cloud services are accessible through the Cloud Portal instead of the traditional 1-way bulk SMS service.

Cloud Portal

Cloud Portal

Our unique Cloud Portal provides a single-sign-on location, through which you can access all our products, services and resources. Find out how the Cloud Portal works for you.

Messaging Cloud Services

Messaging Services

The Messaging Cloud provides all the traditional bulk SMS services you can find within our sophisticated transactional cloud. Discover Dynmark’s Two-Way Messaging capabilities.

Intelligent Cloud Services

Mobile Intelligence Services

Ground breaking mobile intelligence services that can help you target and refine your mobile SMS communications. Get more information on message targeting and cost saving.

Campaign Cloud Services

Campaign Tools

Manage your text messaging campaigns through the online interface with our simple to use SaaS applications. Find out which of our online applications will suit you.



All our cloud services are consumable through Dynmark’s APIs and web services, enabling integration into any solution. Access the Developer Services for more information on integration.



Our Funware applications are light weight demonstrations of the capabilties of our web services. Read more about funware.

Agency Services

Agency Services

The dedicated Agency Services team are designed to support you in your text messaging campaigns. Find out how the Agency Services team can support your business.

Products & Services - Dynmark Mobile Intelligence Services