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Press Pack

From this page you can download all our press pack elements and request a vector pack of branding assets for media.

About Dynmark

An overview of Dynmark in various word counts; approximately 40, 70 and 200 words.

Dynmark Overview PDF file size: 73KB
Why Choose Dynmark PDF file size: 525KB

Product Descriptions

Message Manager PDF file size: 235KB
Campaign Manager PDF file size: 605KB
Text Chat PDF file size: 189KB
Outlook Plug-in PDF file size: 169KB
APIs & Web Services PDF file size: 157KB
Messaging Cloud Overview PDF file size: 138KB
Hosted SIMs PDF file size: 138KB
Message ArchivePDF file size: 224KB

Service Overviews

Agency Services PDF file size: 231KB
Partner Program PDF file size: 337KB
Intelligent Cloud Services PDF file size: 653KB
Messaging Cloud Services PDF file size: 653KB


For more information on branding, guidelines and a vector pack of all our logos, contact us at news@dynmark.com

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Still not found what you are looking for?

If there is something you would like but we haven’t provided, just send us an email to news@dynmark.com and we’ll get back to you with whatever you need.

Press Information Pack - Dynmark Mobile Intelligence Services