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Messaging Cloud Services

2-Way SMS Messaging Platform

The Messaging Cloud is Dynmark’s next generation messaging architecture. We have developed this to replace the traditional bulk SMS text messaging platform. As a result, we can provide our customers with instant and unlimited access to a true global 2-way communications service.

The Messaging Cloud forms the backbone of our entire cloud infrastructure giving us the ability to increase our portfolio with new and innovative services. As an example, our Message Archive service is the first service of its kind and provides a complete record of every message you have sent; introducing a level of compliance not available for business SMS messaging before.

Why it Will Work for You

why it will work for you

  • Free message archive service, messages stored for 13 months
  • 2-way messaging across the globe instantly
  • Scalable architecture to allow for continuous growth
Global 2-Way Messaging

Services Available

  • Global 2-way messaging
  • Carrier-grade Service Level Agreements
  • Tier 1 direct connections to local mobile operators
  • Digital communications compliance
Fastest Reach

Send messages to your contacts in seconds, knowing your message will be read in minutes.


Inbound Messaging

Message Archive

A complete record of all inbound and outbound messaging communications sent over the last 13 months. All data can be downloaded directly from the Cloud Portal free of charge. This technology means that Dynmark can provide compliant services to Financial Services companies in accordance with regulations set by the FSA, such as Sarbanes Oxley.


Keywords & Shortcodes

Used for marketing communications keywords can be purchased from our online shop and used immediately. You can use them to engage customers with inbound messaging. Dedicated shortcodes are offered in over 200 countries. What is a shortcode?

Long Numbers

Long Numbers

Dedicated phone numbers are the most cost effective way of enabling 2-way messaging with your customers. Purchase through the shop and assign them in our applications or through your account API. What is a long number?


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