Reduce your SMS costs & enhance customer insight

Tracking, filtering and lookup services to help you better understand your mobile data and make better communication decisions.

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Validate your numbers

Use Phone Number Validation to check statuses and get insight on your mobile numbers

-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
-d '{"Number":"447777123123","IsInternational":true}'

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Understand your numbers to create better engagements

Mobile numbers are critical to creating and managing customers mobile identity. Use our insight services to validate data, find important information about the number's status, and track click-throughs. Only send SMS to numbers that are in use and available.


Phone number insight

Lookup numbers in bulk or individually and get back valuable information on the status of the number, which can be used to enhance your CRM or data store, as well as react to in-app form completion.

  • Check number validity when entered into  any application
  • Find out whether numbers are live, dead, on, off, ported or roaming and much more
  • Bulk or single number lookup via our tools or API
Track URLs

Tracking engagement

Automatically shortens and tracks URLs in your message at time of send. Each message contains a uniquely tracked URL, traceable back to the mobile number it was sent to.

  • URLs found and shortened automatically on message send
  • Unique tracking per message for improved ROI calculations
  • Use branded or completely custom URL prefixes
Filter dead numbers

Reduce SMS costs

Instantly reduce SMS costs by stripping out messages to dead numbers. Protect brand image by controlling whether messages are sent to users that are likely to opt out or respond negatively.

  • 50% refund instantly applied for messages unsent
  • Reporting on campaign savings available from portal
  • Customisable data quality limits to ensure accuracy


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Acxiom specialise in providing data services across the globe; they rely on Dynmark's phone number validation service to increase the insight available on their mobile numbers and add value to their customers.
M&Co regularly send SMS campaigns to their customers. To ensure they maximise ROI on their messaging, they filter out SMS destined for dead numbers; instantly reducing costs.
Carphone Warehouse
Carphone Warehouse send a variety of SMS campaigns to their customers; for loyalty, retention and growth. By tracking click-throughs they can keep on top of engaged customers.

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