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What mobile marketing can do for you

Over the last few years, it has become clear that mobile marketing and messaging is one of the most effective tools for connecting with your customers. This has come to fruition alongside the rise of the smartphone and its widespread adoption across the globe. For SMEs; connecting with customers can be expensive, complex and time consuming. However, SMS offers a low cost communication tool that puts your message right in the palm of your customer’s hand.

Dynmark supports SMEs with various cost saving options, including product bundles, which can be used to enable 2-way messaging and significantly reduce the cost of messaging in comparison to our competitors. Our free to use messaging application Message Manager, allows small businesses to upload and manage many thousands of contacts in a CRM style interface and deploy personalised campaigns to those contacts, with full reporting available through the Cloud Portal.

why it will work for you

  • Cost saving product bundles
  • Highly sophisticated free messaging tool
  • Educational services
Increase revenue

Increase Revenue

Mobile messaging can be used to drive sales directly to a business at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Not only can cost savings incurred by using SMS instantly increase revenue, but through acquisition, offers, promotions and confirmation campaigns; you can increase sales through upsell and cross sell.

Increase loyalty

Increase Loyalty

Using Message Manager, you can engage existing customers through SMS to increase loyalty and develop the business-to-customer relationship. SMS offers an instant effect, delivering timely messages directly to the customer, wherever they are. Personalisation can be used to increase the effectiveness of those campaigns, which is simply applied through Message Manager.

Great ROI

Improve ROI

SMS is proven to deliver some of the best ROI available from any marketing channel today, at Dynmark we will help you maximise that ROI by giving you access to targeting and personalisation tools, that can drive a better return on your messaging campaigns.

So simple

Keep it Simple

To start using mobile messaging, you need only collect your customer’s mobile information, this is easily done at point of sale. Once you have acquired "opted-in" data you can upload your contacts and start straight away.

Fastest Reach

Send messages to your contacts in seconds, knowing your message will be read in minutes.

Using SMS for your business

Whether it's for appointment bookings or flash sales, the fastest way and most cost efficient way to contact customers is to send a text message. View some of our example pages below for ideas on how your business can use SMS.


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