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For Enterprise

Over the last few years, application-to-person messaging has grown a huge amount and as such; many large businesses have made a move to either incorporate or switch to SMS for their business communications. Dynmark is on hand to provide the kind of support and management that is required in that process. Each enterprise client is provided with dedicated on-boarding support, integration support (if required) and account management for on-going development.

Full reporting for audit trail, ROI and deliverability is available through our Cloud Portal, which means that we provide a robust and trustworthy service for large companies wishing to track individual business unit activity. If your business is looking to move into mobile messaging, contact us now to find out how we can help.

what makes us unique?

  • Dedicated integration team
  • Full message archiving service as standard
  • Immediate ability to provide global 2-way communications
Commercial case

Commercial Case

We understand there must be a valid return on any investment a business makes. Alongside the clear benefits mobile messaging has for customer communication, focus must also be on the costs. Our services are all delivered through the cloud, so we give you all the commercial benefits of a cloud model:

  • Pay for what the business consumes
  • Pay in arrears (30 day credit)
  • No gateway / integration / software charges
Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Our dedicated on-boarding and integration teams will ensure that your switch to Dynmark is as smooth as possible, in order to alleviate any concerns regarding downtime or risk. We provide this service as standard to every new enterprise customer, so you can expect a high quality of service.

Dynmark can also provide onsite / online training for new customers to make the most of our products and services of our dedicated Agency Services Team can be made available to manage SMS communications on your behalf as part of your new mobile messaging communications strategy.

Partnering for the future

Roadmap Alignment

We are constantly making developments and improvements to the cloud platform and cloud services to ensure we are up to date with the latest technologies, as well as being completely scalable to meet the ever growing needs of our customer base. We will work with you to discover your long term messaging requirements in order to align our roadmap development and ensure that we are partnered to deliver value added services.

Fastest Reach

Send messages to your contacts in seconds, knowing your message will be read in minutes.

How can your business utilise SMS?

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