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Campaign Cloud Services

Easy to Use SMS SaaS Applications

Dynmark offers a solution beyond the simple, single SMS application platform of the traditional bulk SMS provider. Our Campaign Cloud contains easy to use SaaS applications designed for specific business uses.

Having created a selection of SMS applications, we stand out from the crowd as having noted the different requirements of different businesses and provided alternative solutions. For example, Message Manager is designed for smaller businesses looking to send out simple SMS campaigns with basic personalisation and message management facilities, whereas Campaign Manager has been purposed to deliver highly complex campaign tools, automation and unlimited volume capacity to global enterprises.

Read more about each of our text messaging applications below.

why it will work for you

  • Integration and automation available to improve efficiency
  • An application for every requirement
  • International capabilities
Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager enables multi-user, multi-business unit and multi-department configuration. Messaging can comprise of complex and customised campaigns, rules and filters with full and detailed reporting.

Download the product description for more information.

Message Manager

Message Manager

Message Manager is our entry level SMS messaging broadcast and communication tool, it harnesses the functional capabilities of our Messaging Cloud allowing companies to send and receive messaging from one simple-to-use interface. Available as online SaaS application or on premise for Windows.

Download the product description for more information.

Other Applications

Text Chat - a one-to-one, call-centre-centric messaging tool
Download the product description for more information.

Outlook Plugin – to enable SMS via Outlook email
Download the product description for more information.


Campaign Manager Overview

Message Manager Product Description

Text Chat Product Description

Outlook Plug-in Product Description

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